Partying in Esbjerg

by Rocio Arenado

Whether it is Esbjerg or any other location, I believe that partying is a matter of attitude.  For some of the foreign students, studying and living far away from home, more particularly in Esbjerg, may cause a few shocks due to different culture, terrible weather, cycling as means of transportation, etc. However, despite these few preliminary inconveniences, partying can be found in the fifth city of Denmark.


To get started, the “Studiebyen Esbjerg” (a student association among the five institutions of higher education from Esbjerg) organizes, every new semester, a Pub Crawl around the city for all the new foreign students. Most of the EMTM students enrolled and took part in the event as members of different groups. We are all going to remember this day as one of the best parties in the whole semester!

Pub Crawl Day

The University of Southern Denmark organizes several events during the semester, such as the annual banquet in Odense, which gives the opportunity to students to get to party at the main university in smart dresses, or the sports day, where games such as soccer and volleyball for instance are played under a festive atmosphere. These “get-together” brought some extra amusement for us!

Esbjerg has different pubs, nightclubs and bars; however, these are not really suitable for international students due to the pretty high prices of both entrance fees and drinks. That is why the wonderful Beach Bar becomes a must!! This is the Esbjerg University bar, which  draws together national students from each university in Esbjerg, offering small priced menus, good music and memorable theme parties such as the opening beach bar party, the Halloween or the Christmas party!!!

Dancing in Odense: Annual Banquet

Talking about Christmas, Danish people are fond of celebrating it in advance; in fact, Tuborg beer launches its selection of Christmas beer on the 6th of November. On this day, bars are decorated and, for one hour, they offer free beer! Did I say free beer? This obviously means that the city is full of international students once again! Few of us will always remember this day … celebrating Christmas in November … isn’t this weird? … Nah, it was actually a fun day!!!

However, I must say and, I think that all my colleagues would agree that, without any doubt, the best part of Esbjerg is represented by all the warm relationships built among students, together with all the plans that are made in the “international community”! In general, there is a daily gathering for all sorts of purposes: dinners, coffees, movie nights, karaoke nights, social games nights, birthdays, parties. Partying, what a nice word!!! I guess that one that will always be remembered in Esbjerg will be the Cocktail Party, where EMTM students coordinated a super party in one of the dorms with different Dj´s, all type of cocktails and students from all over the world…  well done guys!!! That was a great one!!!!



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